Dear Anne Marie –

It has taken me way too long to get this note to you, however, my appreciation for all you did to help me buy my house has only increased!

Two and a half years ago I approached you about buying my first home – the most daunting endeavor I have ever faced and you were reassuring, informative and encouraging from our first meeting.  Beginning with the initial guidance of getting sound financial advice and pre-approval through the closing, only 2 months later,  you were there every step of the way – and you were available for every call I made (of which there were many)  always at the ready with answers and assurances with any questions I had.

I was working within rather limited parameters and had no idea what might be available and the 2nd day of week one that we began looking you found my house monday and it was mine that thursday!  Again, not knowing what to do or expect next in the process you took care of everything – with the highest level of professionalism and well earned experience.

And here I am almost 3 years later and loving my house!  It is the perfect place for me.  I thank you so very much for all you did to make what I always thought was out of my reach a reality!  I can only hope everyone looking to buy a house has the good fortune of having you on their side!  It will be my continued pleasure to recommend you without hesitation whenever the opportunity presents itself!

With sincerity and gratitude,