It is important that you know that I am working for you. As your selling agent, I represent you and will do everything that I can to make the process of selling your home as smooth as possible.

Pricing Your Home
Using my training, experience and understanding of the current real estate market and sales comparables are key to pricing your home correctly. We will get your house priced correctly so that you get as close as possible to, or above your asking price.

Marketing Your Home
I will use my industry tools to market your house. This includes professional photos, potential staging of the property, and open houses where we agree that they would be beneficial for the sale of your home. We will also utilize the MLS services to market your home to a wider audience as well as promoting your property on internet channels such as my website, social media, and my bi-monthly newsletter.

Communication Between Selling Agent and Home Owner
I believe that providing feedback from real estate peers and showings is critical to the homeowner’s understanding of how their property is being received in the marketplace. I am accessible to my sellers in person, or via phone and email, to discuss potential sales issues and to offer consultive conversations about your property.

Screening Potential Buyers
It is essential that potential buyers of your property are pre-qualified to do so. If they are not screened, they will waste valuable time and the potential sale of your home. Lots of showings doesn’t necessarily translate to a sale—showing your home to qualified buyers is key to getting your house sold.

Negotiation Skills
I have the negotiation skills that are necessary to protect my home owners’ interests, and to get the best terms for my clients. I know that it is my job to advocate for my seller throughout the process, from the beginning of the property listing to the conclusion of the sale of the property.

Managing Outside Experts
From the home inspection to the property appraisal, I will be there to listen to what the experts have to say about your property as well as to communicate with them on your behalf when appropriate. Being in the communication loop during these stages can help you as the seller and me as the agent to understand what the issues are along the way.

Final Details Before Closing
With many years of selling expertise, I am well qualified to help you get successfully to and through your closing with a check-list of what needs to be accomplished before the sale of your home is complete. Having trust in me as your sales agent will assure that your closing goes smoothly and that your sales transaction is completed successfully and to your satisfaction.